What do I wear?

Bare legs and arms are essential to enable you to grip the pole. Shorts, vests, sports tops or a short skirt work well. If you would like to bring a pair of heels, it helps with the pole dancer's strut but bare feet are good for a workout.


What can I get from Pole Dancing?

You can expect to feel more confident in yourself, have greater self awareness. And if done regularly you can get fit and tone up.  It is normal to ache after your first few lessons, this will ease off if you continue to pole dance.


Do I need to be a certain age or fitness level?

The minimum age is 18, or 16 with parental consent. There is no upper limit! Any fitness level is welcome, you can work to your level.

How Do I Pay?
Cash, or cheque payable to Amanda Barnard, bank transfer/ Paypal also accepted. Payment in advance for level classes essential.


Anything else that I need to know?

Don’t use any lotions or oils on the day of your class as this will affect your grip and safety on the pole.

If you are unsure of anything or have any questions just let me know. Its all about having fun, not feeling uncomfortable.
You will need to complete a health questionnaire form along with a consent form before the class, for a copy please contact me.

Need Help?
Just contact us through the contacts page and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

You can contact us as follows;



Image by Mark Hull / Darksummer.Net-Model.com
Image by Mark Hull / Darksummer.Net-Model.com